Episode 1: Solving My Overeating Puzzle

Ever had a puzzle you couldn’t solve? That was my story with overeating. Despite being highly educated, overeating seemed to be out of my control. Recently, a book, a podcast and a continuous glucose monitor challenged everything I thought I knew about dieting and weight loss. I learned that managing my insulin was a far more important metric than managing calories. Join for my story and a front seat to fascinating research and theories beyond the frustrating conventional wisdom of eat less, move more.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 1: Solving My Overeating Puzzle

  1. Really excited to hear about all of your research and how I can apply it to myself and my weight loss journey.

  2. Wendy, so excited to find your potcast! Two reasons, I’ve been a chronic overeater for 40 years and lost and gained hundreds of pounds I’m sure. I’ve tried all those diets too. My desire to eat is also intense, like a painful, all-consuming singley focused urgency. I started a month ago doing the low carb diet with no bread, processed carbs, sweets. I’m down 14 lbs, but 70 to go, and I know this isn’t sustainable. Second reason – I miss you girl! Hearing your voice is like meeting you at the coffee shop and having a chat! Jealous of your new life in Scotland! Love and hugs!

    1. Hello Cheryl! Thanks for your comment. I love hearing from you. I know what it is like to be stuck in this cycle. Glad you are here – it is so good to hear from you! xx

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