Episode 53: 10 Things That Never Worked

http://traffic.libsyn.com/confessionsofanovereater/Episode_53___10_Things_That_Never_Worked.mp3   There is much to celebrate this year end - I've lost 50 pounds and I've recorded a year of podcasts.  Today's episode is just for fun - a look at all the things I tried that did not work for losing weight or changing my eating habits.

Episode 51: Glucose Data Evangelist

http://traffic.libsyn.com/confessionsofanovereater/Episode_51___Glucose_Data_Evangelist.mp3   There is much joy this year end reflecting on what I've accomplished - I've lost 50 pounds and I've recorded a year of podcasts.  But there are also other emotions - sadness about the prison of overeating that I still remember, empathy for those who are still trapped in that prison, and anger … Continue reading Episode 51: Glucose Data Evangelist

Episode 47: Librarian Exercise Program Revisited

http://traffic.libsyn.com/confessionsofanovereater/Episode_47___Librarian_Exercise_Program_Revisited.mp3   What is the role of exercise for weight loss?  If you are like me, it's counter productive to weight loss.  My history with exercise was sporadic and intense, and totally ineffective for weight loss, for reasons that surprised me.  Join me today for my personal exercise history and what I am doing now.