Episode 3: Insulin, Insulin Resistance and Continous Glucose Monitoring

I’m not diabetic.  I’ve never paid much attention to my blood glucose levels or thought about insulin.  I was convinced by The Obesity Code that insulin resistance was the ultimate cause of my weight gain, and equally as important, was what prevented me from losing weight.  Not only was I convinced by reading the book, I set out to test it by wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

7 thoughts on “Episode 3: Insulin, Insulin Resistance and Continous Glucose Monitoring

    1. Thanks Julie! Please tell your mom I have thought of her so many times while recording this. She’s always generously shared her time and wisdom with me – in this area and others. xx

  1. Wendy!!! I am positively moved, on so many levels, by this podcast! First, it is beautiful to watch you lean into your gifting of wisdom, communication, teaching (yes, I think you have a teaching gift), and intelligence and use it to help others. We never glorify God more than when we use the gifts He gave us to help those around us. Second, I love how you speak about the complexities and intracacy of our bodies, and encourage us to be grateful for them. It begs the question, who are we greatful to and the divine creator that created us. Our amazing bodies are NO accident! Third, I share your life long struggle. I too am on a life long quest for the answers, and the key to this puzzle. I believe with all my heart you are onto something. My mind was firing on all cylinders as you spoke. I began to connect some of my own dots. Thank you!! I too am passionate about this subject from an emotional and spiritual perspective. I too am working to help women with their demons as it pertains to our bodies, loving ourselves, and loving and trusting the creator who made us. I have so much to add to this conversation! Finally, I loved hearing your voice! Even your voice and the way you speak is purposed for such a time as this. I am impressed and so proud of you friend! Keep up the great work! I know you are going to help many and I will get behind you in sharing this with everyone I know that will be blessed by it. – Joanne Russell

    1. Thanks friend for the encouragement. I’ve loved every minute of making this podcast. It’s a bind for so many of us, and to begin to be released from it is an amazing gift! xx

  2. I am really enjoying this and pray this really is the answer for me. We have a lot in common… Love connecting with you each podcast. I am not alone

  3. Thanks! And I am currently listening to episode 7…and I am a librarian…a hot librarian 😉 Hah! I

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