Episode 5: Glucose Monitoring and Personalized Nutrition

Many of you have asked about options for monitoring your glucose after hearing about my experience using a continuous glucose monitor.  In today’s episode, I share the three products I have used for glucose monitoring and two consumer-ready offerings for those ready to start their own glucose monitoring journey.  These are brand new to the market, I don’t know if they will prove to be helpful or represent money better spent elsewhere.  I am going to try them and report back, care to join?

2 thoughts on “Episode 5: Glucose Monitoring and Personalized Nutrition

  1. Good research Wendy! Bread test so interesting and yet makes such sense – it’s not just the food item, it’s the individual ingesting it! Well done, dear one!! Hope you do see these comments 🙂

    1. Thank you for emailing me – I had seen the first, but not this one. My brain is getting a workout with all my new tech endeavors! Yes, WE are the variable! Thanks for the support!

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