Hello Friend!

This is my story.

For 30 years I struggled with habitual and chronic overeating.

It seemed out of my control, but I beat myself up for it anyway.

Last summer, I read a book about insulin and insulin resistance, and how they impact overeating and weight loss.

As luck would have it, I had access to a continuous glucose monitor.  I applied what I had learned in the book.

Once I started managing my insulin and not just my calorie intake, everything shifted.

The intense desire to overeat – a desire I have felt my entire adult life – was gone, along with 25 pounds.

For someone who has been a serial failed dieter, I can’t tell you what a gift this has been for me.

I feel compelled to share.

This is the kind of podcast I wish I had when I was trying to figure this out, and I know there are so many people like me.

I have started this podcast because there are few resources to have an intelligent discussion about an issue that affects so many of us.

My goal is to build enough of an audience for this podcast to interview some of the thought leaders in this exciting and emerging space of using CGM to aid in weight loss.

This podcast will be a free resource for those wanting to understand more about insulin, insulin resistance and its role in overeating and weight loss.